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Finally an alarm funding program designed with you in mind. Put our capital and funding programs to work so you can secure your future financial success.

Why Choose Us?

The “Equity Builder Program” was established by Security Equity Partners to address the needs of dealers seeking to balance their portfolio of security accounts. History has shown that it no longer makes sense to commit to selling 100% of customer accounts and leaving no equity or recurring revenue in the business. At the same time, capital extracted from the value of accounts can be used to sustain and grow a business. Dealers are now seeking to establish a balance between holding, financing and selling their account base to ensure maximum stability of their business. The “Equity Builder Program” offered by Security Equity Partners is the perfect complement to your current business strategy.

Security Equity Partners “Equity Builder Program” finances accounts based on their contractual recurring revenues over a term of 12 to 48 months. After the initial term is met, the contract is assigned back to the dealer and all revenues from that point forward are an asset of the dealer. Some of our dealers at Security Equity Partners choose to hold their accounts after the initial term period and collect an increasing amount of recurring revenue.

The management team at Security Equity Partners has over 50 years of experience in consumer financing. The “Equity Builder Program” was designed with you in mind. The process is simple and straight forward. You select the program that works best for your business based on the term and multiple and as your partner, we provide the vehicle, tools and resources that allow you to succeed.

Why is the Equity Builder Program Right for You?

According to the historical national averages, consumers hold their primary residence for 8-12 years. If you sold a payment for $34.99 your one single account would be worth $4198 based on a 10 year average.

Stop selling your accounts and take a look at the real numbers. The companies buying your accounts from you understand the math and rely on you to bring them your customers so they can benefit from your hard work in the long run.

Your Dedicated Partner

Count on Security Equity Partners and choose the Equity Builder Program as your alarm dealer funding program. Depend on our first class industry experience and expertise to help your business grow. We will help identify your strategy and take steps towards securing your financial future.

SEP Benefits

  • Competitive Multiples
  • Retain 100% of Your Accounts
  • Custom Programs & Terms
  • No Minimums
  • No Hidden Fees
  • No Equipment Requirements
  • Funding within 48 hours or less


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