Build Equity with Security Alarm Financing

Flexible Alarm Funding Options For Your Security Company

Put our capital and alarm financing programs to work so you can secure your financial success.

We Can Get You the Capital You Need

We offer competitive advances for your residential or commercial customers and accept new installs, take over accounts and existing in-house accounts. You simply choose the desired term or multiple that fits your needs and we design a custom program that works.

Tailored Solutions

We will work with you hand-in-hand to make sure you get the best return on your business’s most valuable asset — your accounts.

Take Out the Guesswork

Your time is precious and we make sure you can make the most of it. Our financing programs for your security company are designed to help maximize earnings based on the timescale that you determine.

It’s a Partnership

Depend on our first-class industry experience and expertise to help your security company grow. We will help identify your strategy and take steps towards securing your financial future.

Our Team Is Ready to Help You

We understand that partnering with you comes with great responsibility.

Our alarm funding programs are geared toward helping you to continue what you do best — sell. No matter where you are in your alarm sales career, you can depend on us to create an alarm financing program that can be customized to meet and exceed your financial requirements.

Our competitive multiples are designed to cover your creation cost and maximize your profit. Take advantage of our flexible terms and custom factoring. We offer a non-tiered financing model for your security alarm contracts with no reserve or holdback. During the initial term or until the contract is returned to you, we keep your brand in front of your customer during all communications. With no additional fees to you, we handle the processing of every payment; provide customer service and handle any necessary collection account.

Own 100% of your recurring revenue within a short period of time and take the steps to build your financial success. We are certain our alarm financing program will help you build your security company with stability and equity and we understand what it takes to be your partner.

Our Program by the Numbers

0 Years
Years of Ownership
Monthly RMR
Total Recurring Revenue

According to the historical national averages, consumers occupy their primary residence for 8-12 years. If you sold a payment for $39.99, your one single account would be worth $4,798 based on 10 years of ownership.